SDG Macau

WE call for action for a more sustainable planet.
We help you transform the world.

Other organisations to deliver on the commitments set by the UN’s new sustainable development agenda, also known as The Global Goals, through a series of activities that bridge Macau and the Portuguese-Speaking Countries.

WE have been actively involved in local projects that promote efforts linked to the Sustainable Development Goals to meet the 169 targets set by the UN in 2015. These goals are a shared blueprint that calls to action to ensure that all people enjoy health, justice, and prosperity.

We aim to develop a platform that promotes

events, studies, talks and other activities related to the ecological, economic and sociocultural sustainability of Macau and the Portuguese-Speaking Countries. It is important that no one is left behind in this global partnership for peace and prosperity for people and the planet, now and into the future.

In 2023, we joined the 929 Challenge as co-organisers. In its 3rd edition, this start-up competition aims to bring between China and the Portuguese-speaking countries closer through sustainability-oriented business.

We are now working hard on the development of new ideas, activities and partnership projects that contribute to a better and more sustainable future for all. We are interested in pursuing strategies that improve health and education, reduce inequality, and spur economic growth. We also want to tackle climate change and work to preserve our natural resources.
Join us in taking action for a better and more sustainable future for all.